Giannoni & Santoni : Work Working Art

After more than half century, Giannoni & Santoni is a rare high quality artistic example of handicraft. It is a never-ending path through recovery from the ancient traditions of old Tuscany workshops up to modern technology evolution. A company leader in general contracting for building and in artistic luxurious finishings.

Although , with its great passion and competence, it is now a reference model for architects, interior designers, artists and it is also easily connectable to high value architectonic spaces.
All activities and services offered by Giannoni & Santoni are supported by a technical staff and an artistic/creative office. This is the reason why our company may offer in advance restyling, renovation and design examples thanks to rendering files and photographic simulations, and if it is necessary also with legal procedures. Giannoni & Santoni is equipped with the following Certificates: SOA, OG1, OG2, OS 2-A.