General contractor

Giannoni & Santoni is a General Contracting Tuscan company, specialised in manufacturing artistic luxurious finishings, in which Italian virtuous craftmanship tradition goes along with technical research and innovative forms of expression. Giannoni & Santoni’s work fields include historic buildings’ preservation and restoration as well as construction and fit-out of new commercial and residential buildings.

The whole range of Giannoni & Santoni’s services and activities is managed by a competent technical staff along with the Creative Office, which work to offer complete restyling, renovation or design proposals, submitting all the necessary bureaucratic and administrative paperwork and preparing 3D graphic visualizations and other explanatory graphic material. Being known for its attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship and its efficient customer service, Giannoni & Santoni is particularly credited for its quality control standards and its effective project management. Giannoni & Santoni is equipped with the following Certificates: SOA, OG1, OG2, OS 2-A.