Nall Violata Pax _Pietrasanta

June- September 2006, Pietrasanta

The denunciation of the evils that afflict humanity is what has made Nall’s individuality show. In the path that winds between Assisi, Pietrasanta and Monaco through which the American artist reveals the cruelty and meanness of man, who is also guilty of more heinous crimes. The works of Nall in Pietrasanta have been placed in the Church of St. Augustine in an exhibition, curated by architect Alberto Bartalini, which interacts with the works of art of which the Church is rich. Nall has created six paintings placed on six of the seven altars like real blades of sixteenth-century altar, with subjects ranging from colourful flowers and fleshy, enveloping the spirals of leaves and fruits that blend with the typical objects of Nall, pieces of toys, full of mysterious meaning clearly.