General contractor


luxury general contractor

Different professionals, a single point of contact to ensure that the project is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For over 50 years G&S has been taking care of the whole execution process of complex public and private works.

As General Contractor it hires a team of technical, creative, and administrative specialists who work together on a daily basis to maximize the process of the project until it is completed.
G&S is a SOA certified firm, with OG 1, OG 2, and OS 2-A certifications.

Restructuring, conservation restoration, and new residential and commercial edilizia.

General Contractor Ville

Turnkey solutions that provide maximum convenience, on-time completion, and a high level of quality throughout the whole construction process.

G&S may provide a proposal for restyling, restructuring, and design in advance, by using renderings and photographic simulations, ensuring that the customer is always aware of and approves the project mission.

general contractor